Saturday, October 1, 2016

Selling your stuff at an auction

It is pretty sad that you see most everything you grew up with be sold for a dollar a box.. My mom just had an auction to sell her stuff so she can move to Florida and live with my brother during the winter and then come back and live up North here during the summer.. There were boxes of good things being sold for a dollar, at least 6 drawers of screws, nails, nuts and bolts all sold for a dollar.. If it did not sell, it was being thrown in a dumpster. So sad that her stuff was being thrown out like it was junk... She was also selling her house at the auction, and a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house all brick that was on a double city lot went for was less than the minimum bid. Sad that the auctioneer was pushing for her to sell the house, but it was in his best interest for her to sell the house so that he would get his cut.. It is just some crap that she was bullied into basically giving her house and things away...  But who am I to be concerned about it.... 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Respect for aging parents

Good evening, hope everyone that reads my blogs is doing well.. I just cannot believe one of my sisters, she is very mad at our mom because she went to Florida to stay with my brother for the winter. To be the devil's advocate, my brother is the golden child who can do no wrong. All of her other children and grandchildren live here in NW Indiana. My sisters are just mad as heck that our mom spend the winter in warm sunny Florida.. My sister said it is not her job to take care of mom, that her house is disgusting and she should have taken her cats with her. Myself and my other sister are taking care of her cats while she is gone. Her house could use a dusting and light cleaning but it is in no way disgusting. I do not understand why she has an issue with our mom being gone. I hope when I am 70+ years old I can be somewhere warm for the winters.. I believe that our mom should be able to do whatever she wants.. She took care of us growing up, now it is our turn to help her out. It just stuns me when children do not want to help their parents out when they get older... Sad very sad, this is my many people end up in nursing homes being taken care of my strangers.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Daily Thoughts: What is wrong with our society?

Daily Thoughts: What is wrong with our society?: Good morning and Happy Sunday. What has happened to our society? Everyone thinks life is so horrible, all of the drugs in circulation, peop...

What is wrong with our society?

Good morning and Happy Sunday.
What has happened to our society? Everyone thinks life is so horrible, all of the drugs in circulation, people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions, being hateful to the police, firemen or other civic workers that are there for our wellbeing and protection.

When did life become so bad for so many people? We do not have bombs falling on our heads, or have to worry about roadside bombs going off as we travel to and from work. Most of us have food to sustain us, and shelter to keep us protected from the elements. How fast do we complain in the summer if the air condition goes out, or the winter time if we loose power and we have no heat? What about all of the people who have no place to stay or no food to eat, I am talking about here in the United States. I know that many people around the world are very much worse off than most of us. We struggle from week to week just like most everyone else. We rob peter to pay paul, then hope we can catch up paying paul back as well. But how many tv's do you have in your home? How many computers or tablets or phones do you have to access the internet or even read my blog? We should be very thankful for what we have, the housing that keeps us protected from the rain, cold and snow. We should be thankful for the vehicles we travel in that take us to work, school, the store, or to our friends house. What did you have for dinner last night? Was it good did it fill you up? What about the people, or kids that do not get out of bed to fix something to eat, or even go to the store and get groceries in the first place, because they spend all their money on pills. Or kids that have to go to their grandmother's house to eat because their own parents will not get up to fix any food, because they were on a pill "high" the night before. Would you let your 10 year old roam around the apartment complex while you spent the day in bed? I do not know about you, but when my kids were growing up they would not be allowed out of my sight at that age. Granted it was a struggle sometimes to keep track of them but that is what you do as responsible parents you get up and take care of your kids!!!!! Take some responsibility for the wonderful life you have created, and not expose them to calling your significant other "motherf@#%$!&" all the time. What is wrong with people that they call each other such horrible names? I would never think to call my wife anything other than wife or her name. What are they thinking when they have a mouth like a trucker or longshoremen, no disrespect to truckers or longshoremen but you get my point. Take care with what words you say around your kids at 10 years old, but this has been going on for as long as I have know this little girl. Her ninth birthday party her own dad said right in front of her and the whole rest of the family "I do not know why we have a party for this little b*$^& it is just a waste of time" Her own dad said that.. Enough about this.

Why do we have such disrespect for our city services people? Why are the police such bad people? I understand that some questionable things happen now and again, but in that second or two that you have to make a life saving decision what would you do? Our natural instinct is self preservation, we try to save ourselves first. I have the utmost respect for police, firemen and all other city workers, they for the most part keep our streets safe, clean, and our houses from not burning to the ground. The pick up our trash, poopy diapers and all. They take care of the city parks, and road sides that many of us travel. They trim the trees and pick up the trees that fall down during a storm, they remove the snow in the winter so that we can travel to our destination and back easier. Our power companies suffer the worst weather when they come out and fix our power lines after a bad storm, snow or otherwise. Our police put up with some of the most disrespectful people in our society. They have to go after drug dealers, people that are trying to hid out from being arrested, and would do most anything to stay out of jail. Or what about that person that is so jacked up on drugs that it takes five officers to restrain him? I am not saying that officers should kick, punch or abuse in any other way, especially after the offender is in handcuffs. That is just plain abuse and should not be tolerated for any reason. But if said perpetrator is not cuffed and trying to hurt an officer or take his gun, then it should be on like donkey kong. If you are not high on drugs and out of your mind you should listen to the officer when he says get on the ground or put your hands up. Listen to what they tell you and you just might live longer. Do not put your hands in your pockets or reach behind you, just do what the officer tells you. It may save your life!!!! 

Why disrespect anyone in your life? Why does it seem that disrespect has become the normal in our society? Why not hold the door for someone coming behind you or say thank you or excuse me as well. When someone sneezes do you say anything to them or do you say God bless you? Smile at someone and say hello, it might just make their day. It might be the best and nicest thing that someone hears in their day. 

Just show your fellow human the love and respect they deserve, would you want to be treated like that? I know some people might want to be disrespected but many of us do not like that and would not tolerate that kind of behavior. Smile and say hello to someone you do not know. It just might make their day..  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Daily Thoughts: Some people should not be allowed to have kids

Daily Thoughts: Some people should not be allowed to have kids: Some people think pills are more important than their own kids.. Very sad that some people in this world would rather spend their money on i...

Some people should not be allowed to have kids

Some people think pills are more important than their own kids.. Very sad that some people in this world would rather spend their money on illicit pills than groceries for their house, or spend all day in bed because they were jacked on pills the night before.. Sad how some people live their lives, when they have kids to take care of but think that taking pills are more important. But not to be surprised that when their kids get about 10 years old they want nothing to do with them. They are just a bother to their way of life.. Just sickening to see this happening in our society the way people are taking pills, heroin, and all the other illicit drugs the way they do.. They think that it makes them cool I guess to do such things. Don 't think me a prude, when you have kids and other responsibilities you put away childish things and move on in your life, but I guess some people just do not understand that. That is all for now as I have to go pick up a 10 year old little girl.  

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all of the super mom's out there. Many moms have done so much for us that we can never ever possibly repay them for all they have done. Be sure to visit your mom or call her and tell you how much you appreciate her. Not that you should be appreciative of your mom each and every day. Most all moms are great and do want to see their kids and have them involved in their lives. I lost my Dad a number of year ago, and it was just too soon... Appreciate your parents.