Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Borrowing Stuff

Hello everyone, when someone you know is nice enough to lend you something to use, do you use it and return it promptly? Do you let the person that you borrowed the item from when you are done and make arrangements to return it? Do you let them know that you will need it for an extend period of time? Or do you never bring it back, but take it to your local pawn shop and pawn it or sell it? 

This happened to me recently, I let someone borrow a floor jack to work on his vehicle, and then to work on his sisters vehicle, but then when asked about it he said he returned it. When clearly he did not return this item, because it is not in your possession. Especially after searching everywhere for it when you needed to work on your own vehicle. 

How often do you make an honest mistake when borrowing something and forget about it, then find it or remember it and make every effort to return it to the rightful owner? This has happened to me, you realize you borrowed an item and realize oh crap I forgot to return that. So you make hast, go out of your way to make sure it gets back to it rightful owner and apologize profusely about forgetting the item. 

You DO NOT pawn or sell the item, then claim you returned it, that is just being a bad person, rotten to the core.  Well you can bet that someone will never borrow from me again. 

Would you let someone borrow something from you that you know you would not get back?