Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years 2014

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Are you glad that 2013 is over and we are on to a new year? What does a new years mean to you? A new beginning or more of the same old crap? Do we leave the bad behind in the old year and with only the good? If you wanted to leave the bad behind, why wait till the new year? Why not work on leaving the bad behind each morning when you wake up, strive to do better each and everyday! Thank God for what you have, and appreciate those around you, because if you have good people around you lifting you up then you will do great things. Conversely if you have negative people around you tearing you down, then they do not care about you, only themselves. 

Be thankful for those people in your life that build you up, I am not saying that you should not stand on your own two feet to do great things, but a great supporting cast is indispensable. Take responsibility for your actions if you are over 18 you are considered an adult, ACT LIKE IT! If you have children, act responsibly and take care of your children, do not let them run your life. They are the kids and you are the adult. Be kind to your kids, teach them, do things with them, take them for a walk in a park or a National Forest, if you live near a like take them to the lake in the winter, explore the outdoors with them. 

Appreciate the woman in your life, show her that you love her each and everyday! Treat her with kindness, and shower her with wonderful words, and actions. Make sure you open the door for her, make her dinner and even do the dishes. Help out around the house, do the laundry, sweep the floors, and even dust. Make sure her car is in good shape, get the oil changed, and make sure the tires are good. Take care of a great woman! She deserves it!!!