Sunday, July 20, 2014


Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone!  I am the oldest of five children, I have three sisters and one brother. We all get along well for the most part, as every family has disagreements and little spats.. Right now we all live within 25 miles of one another, my brother moved back here from Indy after his divorce, and gaining full custody of his two young children.  We all thought it would be nice to be back in NW Indiana, we could hang out, have fun with one another and grow a little closer as a family. Unfortunately my brother thought we should have to call him to make plans, when he was always out chasing the next best woman, that made things difficult. We he did call all he wanted was one of us to do something for him. I love my one and only brother very much, I enjoy hanging out with him as well as my three sisters. We each work have significant others in our lives, kids, friends, and chores to accomplish in our own lives. We could not always make arrangements to meet up or have dinner together. We could not always come to my mom's house for dinner as our schedules conflicted. Now he is using the excuse that no one ever called him and he is moving to Florida. He hates NW Indiana, his job, and everything here. Wow that is a little extreme, I understand hating your job, possibly some of the the things in NW Indiana, but there are some great things about NW Indiana if you just take the time to appreciate them. What a poor excuse to say that  you do not like the area and that your family is the cause for you to move 1200 miles away....   I love my brother and sisters very much, and wish there was more time in our lives to spend together.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Frigid Friday

Good morning everyone and happy Frigid Friday! It was cold this morning -5 was the reading on the car thermometer today. On the bright side spring is only 40 days and 8 hours away, not that I am keeping track or anything. 

Will you be watching the XXII Winter Olympics for the next week or so, the winter Olympics are my favorite to watch.. 

Hope everyone is having a great day so far! Smile and say hello to someone you usually do not talk to, it might be the best thing that happens to them all day!! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Good day everyone and Happy Tuesday! Is it just me being me or is it time to look for a new job when your boss asks if you would be ok with just part of your pay check for the week! Does that mean I just have to not show up for part of the week and still expect a pay check for those days I did not work? How would your boss feel about that? Not that I have sick days, vacation days, or even any personal days, in fact I get no perks from this job. Time to update the resume and find a new job! Anyone know of goods jobs out there? 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years 2014

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Are you glad that 2013 is over and we are on to a new year? What does a new years mean to you? A new beginning or more of the same old crap? Do we leave the bad behind in the old year and with only the good? If you wanted to leave the bad behind, why wait till the new year? Why not work on leaving the bad behind each morning when you wake up, strive to do better each and everyday! Thank God for what you have, and appreciate those around you, because if you have good people around you lifting you up then you will do great things. Conversely if you have negative people around you tearing you down, then they do not care about you, only themselves. 

Be thankful for those people in your life that build you up, I am not saying that you should not stand on your own two feet to do great things, but a great supporting cast is indispensable. Take responsibility for your actions if you are over 18 you are considered an adult, ACT LIKE IT! If you have children, act responsibly and take care of your children, do not let them run your life. They are the kids and you are the adult. Be kind to your kids, teach them, do things with them, take them for a walk in a park or a National Forest, if you live near a like take them to the lake in the winter, explore the outdoors with them. 

Appreciate the woman in your life, show her that you love her each and everyday! Treat her with kindness, and shower her with wonderful words, and actions. Make sure you open the door for her, make her dinner and even do the dishes. Help out around the house, do the laundry, sweep the floors, and even dust. Make sure her car is in good shape, get the oil changed, and make sure the tires are good. Take care of a great woman! She deserves it!!!