Monday, March 11, 2013


Good afternoon everyone, it just makes me so upset that my fiance has to go to her moms house, not to clean up after her and help her, that is not the issue. It is the 14 year old child that lives there, and has not respect, love or care for her Grandmother that has taken her in because her mother does not want her. Her mother just does not want to take the time with her and teach her how to act or the meaning of responsibility. That is not the Grandmothers roll to raise a child with discipline, issues to begin with. It makes me very upset that this child is continually allowed to behave like this and the mother does nothing about it. She allows this child to walk all over her mom, disrespect her and never follow directions. I understand it is not the child's fault that her mom is worthless, but wow take some responsibility for your children, you were there for the pleasure be there and be a parent, yes it is a hard job. I have two boys and it was a challenging job to raise them, but you just do it and make it through, and enjoy it along the way it is very rewarding and wonderful. 

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