Thursday, January 3, 2013

How kids treat their parents

Good morning everyone, it is almost the end of a short week. Holidays during the week always mess me up thought, have a couple of days off during the week and it just throws your whole schedule off. Any way on to my story. 

It just amazes me how grown children treat their parents. My fiance and I help her mom out a lot, she has some medical issues and can not get around so well anymore, and needs to see a variety of doctors for things. She needs help with cooking, cleaning, getting to the store, doctors office and other places. My fiance takes her to all the doctors appointments, to the store, and where ever else she needs to go. Her mom has taken her niece in to live with her because her mom does not want her any more, keep in mind that this daughter lives VERY close to her mother, and yet does nothing for her. Not to mention she sends her behavior issue child to live with her disabled Grandmother because she does not want to deal with her issues.   She can't help cook for her mom or take her mom to any appointments, to the store or anyplace else she needs to go. She confesses on Facebook how great her mom is and how much she loves her but does not lift a finger to do one thing. 
On of her other daughters lives in the same town, and confesses how much she loves her mom on Facebook, but only comes over when she needs something. She like her sister does not lift a finger to bring her a meal, take her to an appointment or anything else. 
Of her two sons the one only comes around when he needs something, the other one only sees his mom like once or twice a year and both of them live right in town where their mother lives. One is a successful business man that built his mother-in-law a apartment in his house. But he only comes to see his mom once or twice a year. 
I do not understand this at all, our parents did the best job they could in raising us! My mom gets around very well and is still very active, but when she needs help I go over and help her. I mow her yard, I help her in the garden spread mulch, run the weed eater and what ever else she needs help doing. If she could not get around or needed further care, my sisters and I would be there everyday to help her, we would take turns helping out. Cooking, cleaning, and running errands for her. I do not get how kids can not help out their parents, when their parents were so good to the kids. I am not saying they had a perfect childhood, but grow  up and take some responsibility for your self. Put your adult pants on and get over it. Help your mom or dad, sister or brother out, if the need the help. If my brother needed help I would drop everything drive 6 hours and help him out. I would gladly help my sister out with most anything they asked of me. I would watch their kids, pick them up from school, help them in anyway that I could. Families do not always get along, but when someone needs your help, just do it. Everyone wants to boo hoo at funerals, make all kids of promises about visiting more, helping more, and calling more, but how many of them back up with come out of their mouth with action? 

Sorry about the rant today, but this just really gripes me. Have a great day everyone. 

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