Friday, January 11, 2013

Rainy January

Good morning everyone! It is Friday Woo Hoo!!! How do you spend your Fridays? Do you party like a rock star or just recover from the week of work? Do you get home on Friday night, plop in your recliner, have dinner and are done for the night or do you hit the door, clean up, change cloths and head back out the door? Do or you go right from work to meet up with friends and coworkers? 

Or does your significant other have a list waiting for you as soon as you hit the door, and you spend the weekend trying to mark things off of your list? Clean the gutters, take down Christmas lights before July, clean the car, fix the deck, repaint the bathroom, and install the new faucet. Are any of those things on your list? 

What every you do enjoy what are you doing, spend some time recharging yourself over the weekend. Enjoy a local, state or even Federal park, get out get some fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors. Sometime that is hard to do living in Indiana, as we have no mountains, grand valleys, tall timbers, or great natural formations. I would expect those that live out west take those thing for granted sometimes thought, when you grow up seeing these wonderful natural wonders you might just take them for granted. 

Have a great day everyone. 

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