Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Teens have it all figured out

A few months ago we took one of my fiances daughters friends in, basically her cousin. This young woman was in her senior year of high school, we encouraged her to complete the work she was behind on. She was having some problems at home, was not getting the help or support of her parents. Thus she was a little behind in her school work, we gave her the support and encouragement to finish the projects she was behind on and to graduate with her classmates. 

We proceed to plan a graduation party for not only my fiances daughter but her cousin as well, because her father refused to help us one bit. They could not even purchase 4 boxes of crackers from Aldi's to help us out, we provided everything else, chicken, subs, drinks, cake, appetizers, we had the party at our home. He would not even help set up tables and chairs, the tents or lift one finger to help us. Both her dad and his girlfriend flat out refused to help us with their graduation party, ok so you do not have the money. Everyone is having money problems right now understandable, even thought her dad works for a heating and air company and makes good money, there are still bills to pay food, gas, things like that to purchase for your household. Granted we understand that, but what about lending your time to the efforts, help set up prepare the food anything at all. That is ok, be selfish and not help out your daughter or niece, some people are just that way. 

Now that this young woman has graduated high school, she quit her job, because her boss was treating her unfairly. Suck it up buttercup welcome to the real working world now. So after quitting her job and not looking to find another job for almost a full month she decided to lie to us about partying, she was going to go and NOT drink, she promised us that she would not drink or do anything else illegal, as it is illegal and we DO NOT CONDONE those actions of people living in our house. If you are going to live in our house you must be a productive member of our household, either work or attend school. She wanted to do neither, she wanted to "live her life" so we told her ok, go and "live your life" but you will not be living under our roof to do so. She gave up a good household, rides, food, going out to eat, and coming together as a family to do things. 

I guess if you see that your real family, that does not want you around, leach off of everyone they come in contact with they that is what you learn. Not one of this young woman's family members graduate high school, not her mom, dad, any of his brothers sisters, not even anyone on her mom's side graduated high school.  Don't you want better for your children than what you had? Do you not hope that they achieve better than you did? Should you not strive to push your kids and show them a better life than you had, if at all possible? Work toward the better good of your children, teach them the value of life, how hard it is to make a buck, teach them the value of a hard days work, and the sanctification you feel when you receive your check, be proud that you are a productive member of society. Be proud of what you do, even if it is a crappy job, take pride in your work, someone will take notice of you and you will move up or they will offer you a better job or position. 

Do not quit the job you have before finding another, and do not think someone will just hire you because. You must show determination, a great attitude, and a willingness to achieve. Most people do not just get handed a job, and if you do you should appreciate it as many people around the country do not have a job. Think before you act, and listen to the people that are trying to help you they just might know what they are talking about.

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