Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Respect for aging parents

Good evening, hope everyone that reads my blogs is doing well.. I just cannot believe one of my sisters, she is very mad at our mom because she went to Florida to stay with my brother for the winter. To be the devil's advocate, my brother is the golden child who can do no wrong. All of her other children and grandchildren live here in NW Indiana. My sisters are just mad as heck that our mom spend the winter in warm sunny Florida.. My sister said it is not her job to take care of mom, that her house is disgusting and she should have taken her cats with her. Myself and my other sister are taking care of her cats while she is gone. Her house could use a dusting and light cleaning but it is in no way disgusting. I do not understand why she has an issue with our mom being gone. I hope when I am 70+ years old I can be somewhere warm for the winters.. I believe that our mom should be able to do whatever she wants.. She took care of us growing up, now it is our turn to help her out. It just stuns me when children do not want to help their parents out when they get older... Sad very sad, this is my many people end up in nursing homes being taken care of my strangers.

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