Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Election 2016

Well as we are now down to 3 Presidential candidates, what are your thoughts on whom should lead this country and why? I believe that Donald Trump should be President. He has promised to lower taxes, bring jobs back to the United States, as well as making the Government smaller and less involved in our daily lives.. For example the questionable practices of our education system, The giving away benefits for people that do not need them. I believe that the elderly as well as those who are not able to work should get help, but those people that just sit back and collect government assistance and sell illegal drugs should get out and get a real job.. 

No, Donald does not have any experience in government, but he runs a global business very effectively, he hires the best people and puts them in the correct places to do the most good. He surrounds himself with great people, getting great advices from those around him. I believe that he will surround himself with the best people to lead this county forward. 

What politician had told us anything during the election then followed through on his promises? 


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