Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the world

Good morning everyone, what do you have planned tomorrow after the end of the world? I will be doing some baking and wrapping of last minuet presents. Also just spending some time with my sweet woman, and getting ready for our Christmas parties. We got ripped off on the snow forecast, as we only received a light dusting not the 5-8 inches that were predicted. Would like a few inches of snow to have a little fun with the Jeep. Well hopefully before then end of winter we will get a little more snow here in NW Indiana. Hope that everyone has a great Christmas and gets to spend time with those they care for a love. Even if you do not have any family to spend time with, spend time with those close to you. Enjoy your time off of work, school, or any other of your daily routines. Enjoy those around you and enjoy the out of doors, bundle up and take a trip to the local state park or national park if you live close to one. 

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