Sunday, December 2, 2012


Good morning everyone, well I am writing this at 8:13am any way. I do not understand my boys, I have tried to do the very best I can for them all these years. I have tired to instill good values, work ethic, and explain to them that you need to respect  those around you. Their mother on the other hand no so much. It is just discouraging that I have tired so hard to be a good parent and raise them with values, but now they do not talk to me. I text, call, Tweet them, all to no avail. It just sucks that I do not get to see them anymore and my ex wife is ok with that. I will just keep trying to keep in touch with them and hopefully one day they will see that just because I was not able to buy them everything they wanted I am still a good dad. I love both of them very much and miss doing things with them.

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